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Making Play Safer for All

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, Highfields Adventure Playground , Sycamore Adventure Playgrounds and their partner Adventure Playground in Knottingly are leading the way in regard to Playground Safety.

Adventure playgrounds provide an opportunity for stimulating, open access and inclusive play. Offering accessible play spaces within an urban environment, where children can freely choose their play in a setting which supports their interests and requirements.

Supported by qualified and trained staff, providingchildren and young people using the playgrounds with equal access to all activities. Sheffield’s Adventure Playgrounds are long established and child led and child-centred, this means play is personally directed by the children and young people so they choose when, how and what they play with. This means they have a sense of ownership which enables them to make choices, develop friendships, learn, develop, take challenges, solve problems and have fun.

A specially customised suite of training on promoting health and safety on the Sheffield and Knottingley Adventure Playgrounds has been devised and delivered by the Children’s Play Advisory Service, who are leading experts  in the field


Rob Wheway of the Children’s Play Advisory Service says

“It is great to see adventure playgrounds getting together to ensure good health and safety practice.  The training course we have devised and customised is very practical and will assist the playgrounds to continue having exciting and challenging opportunities at an acceptable level of risk. I am grateful to PitsmoorAdventure Playground for arranging the day and for involving Highfield and Knottingley Adventure Playgrounds.”

Patrick Meleady of Pitsmoor Adventure Playground says:

Here in the Sheffield  Adventure Playground movement we prioritise giving children chances to attend to high quality, stimulating,  safe and health promoting open access play opportunities. We strive to provide children with safe risks and challenges whilst mitigating against any harm coming to them. Having this specially devised course, enables us to reflect on our practices and to learn new things, so that we can all keep striving to provide the very best play opportunities possible to children and young people in our areas and the whole of Sheffield and Knottingley too.