The Sheffield Green Spaces Forum

My thoughts on a Green Spaces Forum

It is without doubt becoming more difficult for green spaces groups and charities to repeat  the success that has been achieved in the past. We are facing greater strain on our time  and finances with an ever dwindling support network (the quality is still there but without the necessary reach to assist all) from local government.  This is why i believe that  that a strong united forum working together and supporting each other  is the best solution for overcoming the problems we face.

The talent, knowledge and experience that are currently available but possibly not fully utilised  is immense. The equipment that groups and charities hold that is under-utilised is out there and could be shared for the betterment of Sheffield’s green spaces.

I would personally like to see a forum built that would allow for the sharing of ideas, equipment, funding bids to fulfil the common goal of providing a brighter greener future for all of Sheffield

Jon Morris Friends of Richmond Park Sheffield