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Coming Together Through Play To Celebrate Diversity and Commonalities

The children and families who use Pitsmoor Adventure Playground have been busy sharing their cultures, religions and beliefs and traditions  over the last few weeks. These valuable experiences serve to promote awareness and respect towards others , while promoting to, the commonalities that bind the children and families together as diverse members of our Sheffield society. Getting together events  have included the ‘Big Lunch’ ‘ Eid Celebration’ and the ‘Know Your Neighbour  BBQ’.

Lauren Catlyn a  Play Leader  at the Playground has actively been involved working with the  children to  create a sign as part of the suite of intercultural arts and crafts activities which have been taking place, highlights all that is good about Burngreave and the importance of communities coming  together. Lauren said ” It’s  been a very enriching experience for everyone involved and Pitsmoor Adventure  Playground works hard to sustain community cohesion through open access play opportunities’

Hansa  aged 8 said ” We have been having lots of fun learning about each other’s ways, I enjoy the different songs and games.”

Patrick Meleady charity manager added “All of our children and families are amazing. They come from a vast range of diverse communities and collectively they are  a strong Sheffield Family, Sheffield is a wonderful place to live, work, play  and visit.”